Appreciating everyone and everything around her, Sheila Johnston finds it hard not to smile. Her smile drives her energy and positivity, motivating her to establish meaningful relationships with the souls of all humans and animals she meets.

Sheila seeks out things that make her happy – morning walks with her husband and famous beagle, The Duke of Southport (Duke), running, swimming, parents, friends and family. She immerses herself in the outdoors at every opportunity as Sheila is energized by nature. It’s where her creativity manifests and she finds solutions to her questions.

Sheila does not stray from a challenge; in fact, she runs towards them. In late 2020, she finally decided to learn how to become a lap swimmer, even though she was terrified of the water. And, just a few weeks ago, Sheila resumed piano lessons after a fifteen-year hiatus. She has yet to determine if that was a bad idea. In the meantime, she practices (almost) daily, and teaches Duke to accompany her on the piano.  Sheila taught Duke how to play piano on a cold, rainy, night. He’s become quite the maestro!

On any given day, Sheila will reach out to those that cross her mind – an old friend, new friend, family member, or even text the pet parent of a friend of Duke’s. Sheila loves reminding others that they matter and that she cares.

Sheila holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from California State University, Stanislaus, and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Sacramento State University. She is a former Leon Panetta Fellow, Jesse M. Unruh Assembly Fellow, and a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Leadership Management program. She has worked in the California State Legislature, various statewide budget offices, in the House of Representatives and for Non-Profit Associations. 

You can learn more about Sheila, Founder, and Chief Design Officer of Copy by Sheila on LinkedIn, and to meet the famous Duke, follow him on Instagram @DukeofSouthport.